Russians and Facebook and Trolls — OH MY! PART 1 - BOTS

Vladimir Putin allegedly manipulated information on Social Media through the implementation of bots and trolls to undermine and influence the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

If you pay attention to political news, you can’t go for more than 15 minutes without hearing some variation or combination of the headline above.


Let’s deconstruct that a bit.

 What is a bot?

BOT in its most precise definition is a shorthand for the word robot.  In this context, though, there’s a slight difference in the flavor of the robots.

A robot is typically a physical machine that automates specific tasks for people, often with greater efficiency and precision. 

In the digital word, a bot is not a machine, but a computer program. 

In its simplest form, a bot is a program that responds to a series of pre-written commands


“Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.” There’s a 79% Chance That’s a Mark Twain Quote.


4 Out of 5 Dentists Recommend Sugarless Gum!

Will you need to ask more questions to validate that, – or do you just believe it because “numbers don’t lie?”

  • How many dentists were surveyed?  Mathematically it could be as few as 5
  • Do they recommend it because it is less expensive?
  • Do they recommend it because it’s healthier?
  • Do they recommend it because they think it tastes better?
  • Were the dentists being paid by the Gum Lobby?

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My Favorite Lie About The Constitution

“The purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to limit the power of the federal government.”

That is one of the best lies I’ve ever heard and I just love a good lie.

To be more accurate, I admire the skill it takes to create it.  A good lie is one which appears to be true when examined in a cursory manner. Not only is this lie well constructed, it also has the benefit of longevity.  It’s been told so often by so many people, over so many years, it is accepted as truth. Like many good lies, the beauty of this rests on the idea that the premise seems to be rooted in and supported by underlying facts.

This particular lie was the founding principal of conservative dogma.

In defense of those good folks, my guess is they are not all participants in the lie – they are merely victims of the lie.   They believe it deeply and passionately.  They believe that over the last century liberals/progressive have engaged a well-thought out conspiracy to subvert “the founders.”

Many liberals also believe it – and so they often make the wrong argument in defense.  They acknowledge the truth but hold fast to the belief that we are deviating from “original intent” in order to meet the changing needs of rapidly evolving culture.

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Terrorists vs Muslim Terrorists – Why It Matters

There is a great deal of media coverage regarding the word choices of politicians when talking about ISIS and their dastardly deeds – Terrorists vs Muslim Terrorists?

Similarly, they discuss whether or not our fight against ISIS should be characterized as being “At War With Islam” or “At War With Jihadists” or “At War With Radical Terrorists,”  or a few other options.   

My initial reaction to this is “Who cares?” but it seems to be of huge concern to onlookers as to how this group of murderers is referenced. This has been an ongoing favorite topic of the media, asking every politician who graces their studio what they think on this subject.





Instead of binge watching the next season of….whatever,  break up your home viewing by watching a documentary. There are hundreds of them available on most streaming sites.

The subjects vary – limited only to the imagination of the film maker.Some will make you feel good. Some will make you angry. All will enlighten you.  Below are a few recent documentaries — or their trailers. For the trailers, the full versions are out there waiting for you to find them.