Donald trump’s tax plan, introduced today, may present a serious dilemma for his supporters.  



When Trump announced his candidacy a few months ago. He immediately began to soar to the top of the pack of Republican contenders. The issue that catapulted him had to do with his professed hatred and disdain for Hispanic immigrants.

In fact, during his various rallies during July and August he really only spoke about two things. The first was of course, his favorite topic – Donald Trump. Typically he spends the first 20 to 30 minutes of his presentations speaking about The Wallhis poll numbers and how well he would do as president in every area. He never actually presented any actual ideas. Instead he simply used a variety of superlatives to describe how he would be the best at everything.

After that segment of the speech was over, he would talk about, “THE WALL.” He referred to the wall in about every other sentence. In between he would continue to stress the need for this wall because “the illegals” were rapists, murderers, drug traffickers, and were, for one reason or another, undesirable.

As he hit the high notes he would get standing ovations, his numbers continued to rise, keeping him ahead – significantly ahead, of the other 16 GOP hopefuls.

His constituency, for the most part, is made up of garden-variety conservatives inspired by the tea party to base their opinions on hatred. Hatred of government, hatred of immigrants, and hatred of freeloaders.


Tax policy

If you go back to the end of the 2012 campaign many people believe that the single event that earned Obama a second term, Was the infamous “47% speech” that Romney gave to a group of donors when he thought no one was looking.

That 47% represented the takers. Those people in our country who did not want to earn their keep. They wanted to enjoy the benefits of living in the United States without contributing. According to Romney and believed by many, there 47 percent romneyare far too many Americans who pay nothing in income tax.

Even today that feeling remains in conservative ranks.

Throughout his two terms, Pres. Obama has attempted on a number of occasions to to put forth his ideas about lowering taxes for the middle class while raising them for the highest earners – the 1%.

These attempts were blocked by Republicans in the House and Senate. These attempts were portrayed in conservative media – especially the media generated by the rightist of the right wing. Remember the Fiscal Cliff?

Even this year the Republicans have failed to discuss, debate, or vote on H. R. 415, known as “ The Stop Corporate Inversions Act of 2015,” introduced in January by Democrats in the house. You may recall that corporate inversion refers to one of the many tactics employed by large corporations to pay even less taxes than they already were.

So basically liberals have wanted to Raise taxes on the wealthy, eliminate unfair tax loopholes for the largest of the large corporations, and reduce the amount of taxes paid by the lower and middle classes.


Conservatives object to these things — except, it seems, Donald Trump. 

Today Donald Trump introduced his proposal for modifying the tax code should he be elected to the office of President.

His plan includes lowering the tax rates and eliminating the unfair loopholes for the rich. He wants to and corporate inversion. And here’s the best part:

He wants to exempt more people from the middle class from paying any income taxes. Specifically, married couples earning up to approximately $50,000 a year would not have to pay any taxes.

These are the core components of the liberal tax plan that conservatives have been fighting against for years.


Where Shall I Go?  What Shall I do?

What are right-wingers supposed to make of Donald Trump’s Tax Plan.

“How do I as a board certified conservative (who hates pretty much everybody that isn’t a board-certified conservative), evaluate Donald Trump? He certainly hates immigrants and others. But how do I reconcile that against his socialist idea of the rich paying more and spreading the wealth around?”  

What ever happened to the ideals set out by Tea Party champion, Joe The Plumber?


Donald Trump’s Tax Plan: The Dilemma

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