El Nino Ending California Drought — NOT!

Much to the political display of staunch deniers, warming continues to wreak havoc around the globe.  This piece from Al Jazeera ends the recent speculation that this past winter's El Nino would rescue California from drought.   California in a state of chronic...

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Honeybees, Death and Carrots

In addition to stinging people, honeybees have another purpose. They are one of the most important pieces of our own ecosystem. Without them, most produce would not grow. Chew on that for a bit.

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Trains; Food Trucks; Street Lights; Still Not Proof

Solar Power is a good "idea" but we are a long way off from it having any impact ...any one of a million deniers I've finally given up trying to convince Climate Deniers in my life that 97% agreement among scientists is a consensus.  They will go to their graves...

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This mantra from climate change advocates is reduce your carbon footprint logoeverywhere.

It’s pretty easy to understand the general concept when you think in terms of corporations, governments and other large organizations.  The mantra is a plea for these groups, to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they discharge into the atmosphere.

What about on an individual level?  At first glance, the idea of reducing your own, personal CO2 footprint seems pointless and overwhelming.  

Too many sacrifices — and what good would it do anyway? Each of us is just the tiniest of specs on the head of a pin in the scheme of global carbon emissions. So why bother?

Many people feel that way.  They are wrong!

Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good

Voltaire, Elanor Roosevelt, Confucius or Buddha depending on who you ask.

Take something very basic like Reusable Water Bottles. 

  • Suppose you reduce the number of bottled waters you drink by just one per week.  
  • Let’s say 100,000,000 people did the same. (that’s about 2% of the world’s population) 
  • That would work out to 100,000,000 fewer bottles of water consumed each week. 
  • Multiply that times 52 and we have reduced the number or bottles of water consumed each year by more than 5,000,000,000.


If 2% of the world’s population reduced bottle usage by 1 per week, annual reduction would be