Now there are three candidates left vying for the 2016 Democratic nomination for President.

Joe Biden officially announcing that he is not going to run. This news was followed by both Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb pulling out of the campaign.

These poll numbers were released just prior to the announcements from Biden, Chafee and Webb

Real Clear Politics Poll, Oct 20th

Real Clear Politics Poll, Oct 20th

With Martin O’Malley having virtually no chance at winning the nomination, we are now down to what it has always been expected — CLINTON V SANDERS.




As much as Sanders has been able to strike a real chord with people all over the country, Clinton seems to be started on an solid trajectory to grab the nod next spring.   There has been a portion of Democrats who were concerned with Cinton’s Benghazi baggge becoming a liability in the general election.  This idea was pretty much vaporized by the unwavering position and “taking the high road” that Ms. Clinton displayed yesterday in her marathon 11-hour grilling by the GOP members of the Benghazi committee.

In her 16 minute opening statement she set the tone for the hearing – and she did it brilliantly.   Without saying a disparaging word about the GOP, she made it quite clear that this tragedy, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, was (sadly) only one of many attacks on U.S. Embassies in the last 30 years, and that we need to focus on our efforts on doing everything possible from future attacks. You can watch her entire opening statement below.



The subject of the balance of risk and reward was a continuing theme in her answers throughout the entire day.  

This balance of potential loss of life vs the rewards of having our diplomats around the world is analogous to the balance of sending troops to war.  

From a policy point of view, she successfully drove the point that as long as we have a presence in 170 countries, there will be both reward and risk.

From a political point of view, she has managed to close the door on this.  From today forward she can get back to running a campaign that focuses on the future and not over partisan attacks on her character. 



So, the choice for Dems will be about the policy differences between her and Senator Sanders – but this is not the only choice.  It is also about the potential performance in a general election.

There’s no telling for sure how this will go. Both candidates are addressing real issues that are facing our country. Either one could serve the country splendidly as our President.  Who is the most electable?



Now There Are Three – Or is it two? – Or one?

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