Episode 4 was much “tamer”.  It seems that the moderators were focused on not giving anyone the chance to fault them post-show.

The result, however was that the candidates were given cart blanche to make stuff up, ignore the questions, and never be called out by the mods for inaccurate answers. In contrast to Episode 3, the mods did very few follow ups and did invoke the traditional “You did not answer the question.”


Carson:  Welders make more money than philosophers (untrue)

Carson: Every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases (untrue)

Bush:  Right now, small businesses are closing than are being set up. (outdated truth)

Carson: You the Chinese are there [Syria] (untrue)

Trump:  China is manipulating their currency (outdated truth)

Fiorina: Our tax code is 74,000 pages. (untrue)



My favorite was Carly Fiorina.   She was given numbers by the moderator showing that (significantly) more jobs have been created under Democratic Presidents than under Republican Presidents.  

The question to her was about how she (if nominated) would respond to this issue when it is raised by the Dems during the general election.

Her response was “Yes, problems have gotten much worse under Democrats.”  She then went on to give her standard stump speech about how Hilary Clinton is a liar and we have to “take back our country.”

The fact that she either ignored, lied or didn’t hear the question was never challenged by the moderators.

I haven’t even mentioned the inaccurate statements that the mods (mostly Maria  Bartiromo) use as premises for their questions.


As a Liberal Democrat, I am bothered by the whole shebang, but it’s not as devastating as it could have been.  The ultimate GOP candidate will be challenged about the facts during the general.


What concerns me more is how this stuff effects the uninformed garden-variety GOP voter.   They hear the lies.  No one challenges the lies.  They then base their future voted based on the lies.  

Poor them! Poor America!



POST GAME – Real Candidates Of GOP, Ep. 4: Make Stuff Up

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