1. I think you’re wrong!
  2. I KNOW you’re wrong and I’m not discussing it anymore.
  3. You are maliciously fabricating an elaborate ruse to to convince others that  you’re right.

Skepticism is a healthy thing. I learned many years ago to “Challenge Everything.” There is, of course, a point of diminishing returns where skepticism becomes stubbornness.

All to often, it seems there comes a point where someone’s primary goal is to stay the course — to win the discussion, losing sight of the facts.

Here’s one case. The Governor of Maine doesn’t like renewable energy. He thinks it has no value and believes we should stop pretending that it does. Now – he’s skipped over into fantasy world. He now claims that there’s a little electric motor inside wind turbines that makes them spin. Here’s the article.


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The Little Turbine that Couldn’t

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