Solar Power is a good “idea” but we are a long way off from it having any impact

...any one of a million deniers

I’ve finally given up trying to convince Climate Deniers in my life that 97% agreement among scientists is a consensus.  They will go to their graves proudly citing the other 3%.   The truth is that they don’t want to believe because the status quo (in ALL things)  is to be revered and never challenged.

Fine! I get  it – I can’t prove the science to them because I am not a scientist – and neither are they.  But in a related area – they continue to deny what is happening right in front of us. Aside from consumers having an option to Solar-ize their houses, etc. There many ways that the world at large, in both the public and private sector are inventing and converting projects that are currently powered by carbon.    But even that doesn’t seem enough to have them even consider the possibility that solar power is “ready for prime time”.  Here are just a few that I’ve read about over the last several months.

and on and on……

The truth is that when people deny things that can be proven, they are just living in their own world, with their own physical laws, and their own way of processing information. It is, in my own new reality, pointless to discuss these things.  I will continue to try and spread the word about new stuff – but I will not engage in pointless, suffocating arguments with those who are not arguing for the sake of coming to an agreement but instead are arguing to self-validate their own false beliefs.



Trains; Food Trucks; Street Lights; Still Not Proof

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